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Subscription Refund during the 7 days' trial period.

If you are a subscriber who wants to take advantage of the 'no quibble refund', simply enter your website address in the box below and click the 'Administer Site' button; you will be then prompted for your user name and password; enter them and go to the 'User Details' drop down menu to claim your refund.

Enter your website address:



This is how it works:

A 'Refund now' button' (see illustration below) is displayed during the 7 days' trial period at the very bottom of the User Details Drop Down Menu (accessed via the Administration Controls). Providing you do so within the 7 days' trial period, simply click it to get a no quibble instantaneous refund of your subscription. Warning! your decision cannot be reversed after you click the 'Refund now' button.

IMPORTANT: Shortly after the 7 days' trial period expires, this 'Refund now' button will automatically cease being displayed and subscribers will no longer be able to request any refund of their subscriptions.

After clicking the 'Refund now' Button a message (see illustration below) will be displayed on your computer screen and a confirmatory e-mail will be sent to you immediately.

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